Terms Of Use

Here are the terms and conditions for using our website. We may, however, change these rules sometimes without letting you know about it. Moreover, some other services can be governed by separate published guidelines or policies that we keep on altering from time to time as well. All these guidelines or policies are part of this Agreement.

These terms of use form a legally binding agreement between you and Stock-Animation.com. Before proceeding to use our site or downloading any of our stuff, please go through this agreement carefully and completely. You agree with these terms of use when you make use of the website. If do not accept the terms, please do not access this site in any way.

Website Use

Age and Responsibility: You need to confirm and guarantee that you are of legal age and take responsibility for any use of the website. It’s also your responsibility to supervise any minors who use the site under your name or account.

Ownership: This site is owned and operated by Stock-Animation.com. Everything on the site, including its layout, appearance, and all the information provided, belongs to the owners of Stock-Animation.com, its licensors, or content providers. Copyright protection covers all the content that makes up the entire website. Without express written agreement from both parties, no part or feature of any Stock-Animation.com website or its contents can be reproduced, distributed, modified, publicly performed or displayed, transmitted in any form or by any means, reverse engineered, decompiled, sublicensed, sold, or otherwise exploited for commercial purposes. Unless otherwise stated, the entire site and its contents are the property of Stock-Animation.com, its licensors, and/or content providers.

Search Results and Rankings: We have different methods to rank search results on our website. These rankings are determined by a ranking system that takes multiple criteria into account. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of these results and rankings.

Website Use

Prices: All our prices are quoted in US dollars and will be converted to your chosen currency by us. This may include currency conversion and processing fees. Keep in mind that prices, offers, and product availability are subject to change.

Payment: You can pay for your purchase using a credit card or any of the other payment methods listed on the payment page.

Credit Card Payment: If you choose to pay with a credit card, we’ll redirect you to a Payment Processor. Just make sure that the credit card information you provide is accurate and that you’re the actual cardholder. By approving your purchase, you give us permission to charge your designated credit card or PayPal/Stripe account for the full amount.

Currency Conversion Costs: Any costs associated with currency conversion are your responsibility.

Certain Restrictions: We have some rules in place to protect our website and its content. Using manual or automated software/scripts, bots, or search spiders to mass download our content is a violation of our Website Terms of Use. This includes downloading content with the intention to copy, reproduce, modify, republish, upload, post, transmit, distribute, or disseminate it in any way without our prior written permission.

To make sure everyone has a smooth downloading experience and receives the best service possible, Stock-Animation.com reserves the right to limit or prohibit your access to content downloads based on the number of downloads within a 24-hour period.

Use Of Downloaded Content

Under this Agreement and the original license terms, you can use stuff you get from Stock-Animation.com, like videos and pictures, for your own or work-related projects. Remember that you’re allowed to put these downloads in your ads, and you can change their size or color a bit.

But you can’t make money by selling or giving away these changed items. Don’t copy, make more of, change, or use the downloads to sell stuff either.

We must take these steps to guard the copyright on the materials and make sure people use Downloaded Products like the license says. Stock-Animation.com can sue anyone who uses the Downloads wrong or steals the work.

Your Statement

You confirm that you have accepted the original agreement, understand its contents, and agree to its terms and conditions.

Additionally, you agree that this is the sole and complete agreement between you and Stock-Animation.com, replacing any previous offers, oral or written agreements, and all other communications regarding the subject matter of the original agreement between you and Stock-Animation.com.