Royalty free stock animation. A cost effective solution for your creative projects.

Make your projects come alive with an affordable, 100% royalty free stock animation video footage!

From cartoon characters to animated video elements, our collection is perfect for commercials, presentations, and more.

Impress your audience with stunning animations that are easy to use!

Free Stock Animation Samples

high quality stock animation

Premium quality clips

Carefully crafted and rendered stock animation packs in up to 8K resolution. So you can scale your animation element in a 4K video without losing much quality.

stock animation free updates

Copyright free video elements

You can use your stock animation packs for your videos, commercials, games, etc. No subscription required, you have to pay only once for one pack.

stock animations
stock animation transparent background

Transparent background

Use these animations for any of your video easily. All packs comes with QuickTime Alpha MOV, and Green Screened versions. Just drop it on the top layer!

fast rendering animations

FAST Rendering

We provide pre-rendered video elements, so your editing software doesn't need to calculate any keyframes, motion blur, effects, and so on.


Most frequent questions and answers
Stock animations are pre-created, ready-to-use animated sequences or video clips that are designed for various purposes, such as marketing, advertising, presentations, and entertainment. They can be easily incorporated into projects to save time and resources.

Yes, our stock animations are often offered in various resolutions, including high definition (720p), full high definition (1080p) and even 4K (2160p) or higher resolutions. You can choose the resolution that best suits your project’s needs.

Our stock animations are mostly available in PNG Alpha MOV. Provided with alpha channels, making it easier to integrate them into your projects seamlessly. No keying, just drag and drop!

Absolutely not. Choose your favorite pack, select a resolution, checkout, and you’re ready to go! Just a few clicks.

These animations are not made only for Adobe After Effects. So you cannot edit the animations themselves as these are pre-rendered video clips. However, you can customize the elements by applying additional colorization effects or outline layer styles.

Yes, you can combine multiple stock animations to create a cohesive project. Video editing software allows you to integrate various animations, transitions, and effects seamlessly to craft a unique and engaging video.

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